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There has been a potential safety risk identified with the following products:

T90103 Tower 6L 22cm One Touch Pressure Cooker
T90114 Tower 4L One Touch Pressure Cooker
T90115 Tower 6L One Touch Pressure Cooker
T90117 Tower 4L One Touch Pressure Cooker

Should you own an affected product, please DO NOT USE .

Test results have indicated that use of the item may result in burns from the steam and/ or unexpected release of liquid from the unit.
To help identify if your pressure cooker is an affected model, you can locate the model number stamped on the base of the item.

To sign up to automatic updates online please head to the Tower website ( and click ‘Product Recalls’ found at the bottom of the page, or please call their customer service team on 0333 220 6091 between the
hours of 8:30 17:00 Mon Fri.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your co operation